Saturday, March 22, 2014

Renegade Photos #1

"So, you want me hop out here?"

Jun Chin was busy looking for the cops when Cassidy had spoken up.  This was a new thing for Jun, exhibitionism photography.  The new magazine that featured Cassidy as the main model was going like gangbusters.  Jun's name was being talked about in new circles and even her old acquaintances were calling again.

Jun had decided that she wanted to step it up a notch.  The studio images were wonderful, and the extreme fucking that Cassidy had laid on her had absolutely ruined her for anyone else.  From what she had discovered, it was a rare thing that Cassidy had done.  Jun had been introduced to a few of Cassidy's "girlfriends" in the last month since the shoot.  Talking to them, she had learned that Cassidy was a gentle lover.  She was always kind in bed and never forced herself on anyone.  The exceptions were women that Cassidy felt she should always have in her life.  Jun, it seemed, had been one of those exceptions.

Jun looked out at the corner and knew right then and there that Cassidy had picked the best place.  A little traffic, quick access to the corner, and a zone for loading and unloading.  "One moment, Cass." Jun said.  She stopped the car in the loading area and set her camera.  Looking around again and still not seeing any police in sight, Jun looked at Cassidy.  "Ok, go!"

With that, Cassidy, dressed in jeans and a tank top, jumped out of the car at the same time as Jun.  Both made a beeline for the corner.  Jun looked both ways and saw there was no traffic, so she ran part way into the street.  Cassidy, on the other hand, ran straight to the street corner, right between an old hippy and young woman.  The second she came to a stop, she flipped up her top, showing that she had no bra on.  Her massive breasts were on display for anyone to see.  Then she unzipped her pants and pulled them down to reveal the huge, fat cock she had hanging between her legs.  The hippy and the young lady stood there, wide eyed and slack jawed at the sight.

Jun wasted no time in snapping as many pictures as possible.  She had five, maybe ten seconds to get this done before people really began to notice.  "Let's beat it!" Cassidy yelled.  Jun took one last shot, then booked it to the car.  Once inside, she waited for Cassidy.  Cassidy took a second longer as she had to push her cock back into the leg of her pants and zip up without catching anything in the zipper.  As she jumped into the car, she looked over at Jun.  Jun was just as wide eyed as the people had been, but she was sweating and nervous.  Cassidy pulled her top back down and put her hand on Jun's.

"Don't worry, everything is ok.  Just put it in drive and get us out of here."  Jun looked at Cassidy and let out a long breath.  She raised both of their hands to her cheek and closed her eyes.  "Thank you, Cass.  That was amazing!" she said as she lowered both of their hands and took the steering wheel.  Cassidy smiled at her.  "Jun, it was my pleasure.  Maybe we should go get more shots, though.  That made me a bit horny."  Jun turned and saw the smirk on Cassidy's face, as well as catching the wink in her eye.  Oh My, Jun thought, this is going to be an interesting day...


  1. Liked the render, the story that goes with it is fantastic! Hope you do more.


    1. Thank you! Yes, more will be on their way.